Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to reality

Well, I'm back at work. This means that we did not win it big in Vegas, but we had a great time though! We walked so much my ankles still hurt -has nothing to do with my wedge sandels I wore :) or being pregnant. 

I thought that being in Vegas for 3 full days would be a little too long, but it was just the amount of time to shop, eat, gamble, relax and watch everyone drink. We left Sunday night and were exhausted because we had spent the whole day taking care of Ellie. She woke up that morning very crabby and threw up several times. She was so lathargic and just wanted to lay on the couch with one of us. It was very hard to leave her because I've never seen her this sick. She pretty much ate popsicles and laid around all day. The next morning my mom called to say that she was totally back to normal! Sometimes I think Ellie is a really good actress.

We went to the Pawn Shop. Nick and I are really into the Pawn Stars show, so we wanted to check out the place. It's kind of a dump, but it was fun to see.

Here is a picture of us at the buffet at the Wynn. This is after we ate - Nick totally has a fake smile because he is soooo stuffed. I told him that is how I feel everytime I eat because when you are pregnant there isn't much room for food!

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