Friday, April 8, 2011

M for mango or male?

I love fridays and the weekends, but I'm really excited for Monday. It can't come soon enough! Monday I will have an ultrasound to find out if it's a boy or girl. I'm just over 19 weeks and the baby is the size of a large mango. Does that mean it will be a male or does that mean the baby's name should start with an M?

I can't  wait to start planning and thinking about names. This time I have a strong feeling it's a girl, but I also thought Ellie was going to be a boy. It would be nice if Ellie had a sister, but a boy would be a whole new experience. It's a little scarey to think about having a boy, they have more equipment and I have no experience with a boy. Plus if it's a boy, I'll have some fun shopping to do as well! :)  

What do you all think? Boy or girl? I'll let you know Monday afternoon.

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  1. Hello? It is now Tuesday morning...dying to know if M was for Male?