Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is what goes on at our house.

I take Meeko to the vet once a year, at the beginning of the year. I'm afraid to take him this year. They are going to say he's fat :(  He's not even that chubby. In fact, since Ellie's been eating solid foods ( 15 months now) Meeko has been eating very healthy meals. Salmon, rice, soybeans, fish, seaweed, yogurt, bananas and any other healthy Japanese food my mom gives Ellie. I've caught Ellie numerous times giving Meeko food or accidently dropping it on the floor. The best one was when I saw her hold her yogurt spoon out on the side of her high chair tray for him to 'get a taste'. I'm sure this happens more than I want to know.  It's great that Ellie shares, but I don't think Meeko needs to be eating organic cereal or carrot crackers!  She thinks it's the funniest thing ever though, which makes me laugh :)
Ellie snacking on her cereal and crackers. Occasionally, accidentally dropping them for Meeko. As if he doesn't get enough food when she's eating in her high chair.

Meeko following Ellie (she has her treats in her shopping cart).

Not taking his eye off the treats.


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  1. Heidi - this is hilarious. We have the same issues! Bella went to the vet last month and is 20 lbs overweight b/c of all the food Cole gives her - and it is always the expensive organic stuff that he is most generous with! His favorite is to take one bite of a granola bar, cracker etc. and then he passes it to Bella to finish off. Spoiled dogs!