Monday, December 5, 2011

Jackaroo's surgery

Jack's surgery is scheduled for 6:30am tomorrow morning and after midnight tonight he won't be able to get any formula, only pedialyte or water until 4:30am. I hope he isn't too crabby about it, since he likes to eat. We went to the doctor on Friday to get his lungs checked out and his horrible eczema and he weighs 15.2lbs!! C-H-U-N-K-Y! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he came out big :)

This is totally going to be Jack's face tomorrow after his surgery. I don't think he is going to be happy about this one :(  But once we get the news that the biopsy is clear, we will all be happy that those potential yucky cells are gone! St. Nick comes tonight too, so maybe he'll bring something extra special.

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  1. Good Luck today! I have been enjoying all your updates as of late!!