Monday, October 24, 2011

Jack's surgery

Last week Thursday we went to Children's to meet with Jack's cosmetic surgeon. We both really liked him and he answered all of our questions.  I think we've decided to go with the cosmetic surgeon instead of the pediatric dermatologist. We think that either one would be great, but the cosmetic surgeon seems to have more experience and since Jack is growing at a high rate speed (he's 13 lbs already and only 2 months old)  his birthmark is also getting bigger. The doctor recommends that we do the surgery soon because his birthmark will just continue to get bigger and at 3 months he will be old enough. We know that he will have a scar, but there are things we can do to manage it. The more research I do and the more people I talk to, I'm worried about the mole changing, so I'm glad we are taking care of it soon. We scheduled his surgery before Christmas and are just waiting to hear if insurance will cover it.

Here is Jack trying to talk to me. I love night times with Jack. He's fussy, but as soon as I snuggle with him, he calms down and is just too cute.

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