Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily struggles

We've had some struggles lately with Ellie... very typical since we've had some major changes at home - Baby Jack and going to daycare. She does not want to wear shoes anymore. She tries to take them off in the car and trying to get them on is not easy. Yesterday I stopped at the outlet mall and got her a new pair. She cried in the store and didn't want to have anything to do with shoes or socks. The other big struggle we are having with Ellie is wearing her glasses. We had an appointment with her ophthalmalogist at the end of the month, but I was able to move it up since she hasn't really worn her glasses in 2 weeks. We use to be able to put them on when we went outside or to the store, but now she doesn't want to ever wear them. The eye doctor's visit today was a success despite Ellie's cold. She has a runny nose and has been feeling yucky (I'm sure the trip to Ikea yesterday didn't help either!)   Ellie was so great today! She didn't cry at all and the doctor was able to examine her eyes and she just cooperated. She even put her glasses on and Ellie didn't take them off until now. Yup... she has them off. Ugh. The plan is to not even bother with the patch, but just try to get her to wear the glasses. The Dr. said eventually she'll wear them. Although her eye isn't that bad, she still needs them and can see better with them. It also sounded like that since the glasses do help, that we probably won't have to do surgery if we can continue correcting her focus with the glasses. Here's a picture of Nick and Ellie (and cinderella) in the chair.

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