Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ellie wants to be a mommy

Ellie has been playing 'mommy' lately. It's super cute, but sometimes scary;
1. because she likes to try to dress Jack (see below) or cover him up with a blanket. (not safe)
2. she totally watches what we do. She will put her Miffy bunny in the swing, get a blanket, cover him up and then go and get Jack's pacifier, which is in his little paci-pod on his carseat and try to give it to Miffy.
Ellie: Jack, I found your pants. Let me put them on you.
Jack: Oh no, here comes that girl again! I'm kinda busy here trying to exercise my neck, so I can get strong and hopefully roll over soon and get away from you!

Ellie: Not sure how to do this, but I'll figure it out.
Jack: MOM! Help me!

Miffy: Great, the girl put me in the sun again and forgot to put my sunglasses on, so much for a nap.

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