Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some updates

- Jack and I have super bad acne right now, hopefully it will go away soon.
- Jack sleeps a lot during the day, not so much at night, but is at an average of 4 hours between feedings. Last night he slept a little over 6 hours *YAY*
- Jack is growing as I type this. He is only 6 weeks old today and I just bumped him up to 6 months pajamas.
- Jack has peed on Nick and I a half dozen times. We still haven't learned. He ALWAYS pees in the bath.
- Today was Ellie 2nd day at day care. She cried when I left, probably because I stayed and hung out for about a half hour too long. I think the day care ladies are annoyed with me and think I'm crazy. I think they should get a web camera. I would have a fundraiser if it would help. I can make some really good banana bread.
- Ellie is getting less shy. She actually waves to strangers in the store and doesn't hide like she use to.
- Went to the dentist today and have 3 small cavities. Shoot. It's not all my fault, part of it is Jacks. (just saying)

Here are some pictures of what some of the day consists of....

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