Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here we go again with the names!

I've been asked why we chose Jack as a name. It's pretty simple: We just liked the name. I looked up the meaning today and it means "God is Gracious". For us there isn't any meaning behind it really. Nick thinks it's a strong name. I like it because it's simple and traditional. To be honest, I'm just getting use to the name and he's over 2 months old. In the beginning I would call him baby or Ellie or Meeko, by accident most of the time, but it was so weird to say his name. Of course we now have the random nicknames like we did with Ellie. I call Jack, Jackaroo about 90% of the time. It just comes out that way. I blame it on Nick, because he said it first (actually he was signing it: Jack, Jack, Jack-A-ROO!) So, now that we are somewhat use to the name Jack, we are starting the weird, random names. Some of the ones lately have been:

Roo Roo
Jack-chan (my mom calls him this, it is a way of being affectionate in Japanese - kind of means friend)
Jack - san (it is also Japanese and pronounced like son)

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