Sunday, October 9, 2011

I love fall........

Last Thursday would have been Ellie's third time to daycare, but we decided to take a day trip hiking instead. The Fall colors were beautiful and the weather was perfect. We went to Parfrey's Glen near Devil's Lake. Ellie loves being outside and was pretty good hiking, but of course got tired and we had to take turns carrying her. Ellie was not a fan of the sand at Devil's Lake, in fact she hated the sand - almost as much as I did. I didn't like it because of the bugs and sand and who knows what else is in it. We also hit up an apple orchard and the drive was so nice. I love FALL.

Taking the boat across the Wisconsin River.

Getting a drink before the hike.

Ellie, me and my Dad

Ellie, Me, my Dad and Wendi

Ellie wanted to be carried... alot. Wendi is taking her turn here.

Devil's Lake

Ellie and Wendi

Mama and Ellie

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