Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby teeth

Sunday night was probably one of the worst nights I have ever had with one of the kids. Ellie and Jack are both sick. Ellie started getting sick on Saturday with a cold and has now transferred it over to Jack. She gets a cold about every other week and it's from daycare. It's really, really annoying, but I know this is just something that every kid goes through when they are in daycare or start school.

Anyhow... Jack has been drooling like crazy, and when I say crazy I mean a large amount of saliva that soaks through a bib in about 30 minutes. I put some baby teeth orajel on his sore little gums, hoping that might help a little. We went through the normal night time routine, play, bath, play, bottle, night-night. Then at about 10:30 he was crying in pain. I burped him and rocked a little... from then on he was up every hour, just really uncomfortable. A bottle didn't help, he threw up a couple of times and was in pain. The only thing that helped was if I held him over my shoulder. I pretty much lived in the rocking chair. I'm not really sure why I didn't think of giving him some tylenol (probably because I hate giving medicine). Last night was a little better. I gave him some tylenol and he only woke up at midnight. I wish those little teeth would just pop through! Here are some pictures of baby Jack. BTW - he is now 5 months old!!

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  1. He is super adorable! Hang in there, those teeth will be here before you know it.