Monday, January 9, 2012

Ski bunny

I can't believe it's a new week already. The weekends go way to fast.

Saturday, Nick and I took Ellie out shopping for the day. I think she felt pretty special, because it was just us 3. We were on the hunt for some skis and boots. Les Moise and Laacke & Joys didn't have any in her size. We were planning on renting them, since she'll grow out of them fast, but I think we will have to order them online. Hopefully Jack won't be too much bigger than Ellie and will be able to use them too. We did find a helmet and goggles for her. The helmet is white w/ some turqouise design on the back. It's also adjustable, so she will probably be able to use it for several years. We ended up getting black goggles (unlike the pink in the picture). She really wanted pink, but I was using my forward thinking and knew black would be the best. I'm excited to take her out skiing, but still need to get her skis, boots and a pair of snow pants or a snow suit.

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