Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1

Jack, Maya and I at one of our Target/Starubuck's outings. LOVE. We will probably head there today to celebrate the first of October and I need some dish soap :)

CPK lunch
HI! Finally getting around to posting an update. Life is going too fast. Maya is already 5 weeks today! That means I go back to work in less than 3 weeks. BOO. I could be a stay at home mom for Maya and Jack, but when you throw Ellie in, I think I would rather work. I know that sounds super mean, but Ellie is tough. She is whiney, opinionated, stubborn and crazy. But after an hour or so being all of those things, she is so sweet for like 5 minutes and you forget about all the bad things! She really screws with your head. It's hard for me. I hope she grows out of this stage. It's emotionally draining.

I've been hanging out at home and Target lately. I feel like I should be getting so much more stuff done during the day, but the days fly by and then I feel like "Where did the day go?" Yesterday I had our basement carpet cleaned and our furniture in the great room. The guy did a super good job. I couldn't believe it. I still want new furniture though. haha! I'm waiting for Restoration Hardware to have their friends and family sale and then I have to talk Nick into it. I talk about it every day, so maybe by the time the sale comes, he'll be sick of listening to me. I wish I could just decide and buy it, but when you are married, these big decisions have to be made by both. POO.

Last week is when my body decided to really slow down. I have not gotten much sleep at all. Ellie hasn't woken up during the night, so that helps, but Maya is up 2 times and early in the morning. 

Okay, I'll stop rambling, because really everyone just wants to see pictures.

Playing in the garage.

Going for a walk. I'm carrying Maya!

Ellie, Jack and Maya
She really does love bath time!

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  1. I can't believe how big Maya is, it looks like Ellie and Jack are enjoying her! :)