Monday, May 23, 2011

The good, the bad and the really, really ugly.

When I look back at the weekend, I feel like it was a pretty decent one, but it kind of wasn't (just being real).

Good things:
  1. I had off on Friday
  2. Got rid of a lot of things at our rummage Fri/Sat
  3. Made $200 at our rummage (not too bad)
  4. Ellie played outside a lot!
  5. We decided to buy our neighbors Rainbow playset
  6. It's stained dark brown and has green fabric (better than the rainbow)
  7. Ellie's butt rash is gone
  8. Nick's mom took Nick grocery shopping on Sunday (we have lots of food)
  9. Nick's parents stopped over and Ellie didn't cry or act shy (this goes along with a bad)
  10. I did a lot of laundry
  11. My dad sold a chicken at the rummage (he has 18 baby chicks for eggs; long story)
  12. Turned the A/C on (Nick would see this as a bad thing for sure)
Bad things:
  1. We had an ant issue near our garage door (hate, hate, hate bugs)
  2. I got my first progesterone shot on Friday (hurts, burns and takes a long time)
  3. I was tired and crampy because I over did it on Friday at the rummage
  4. I was stressed out because I felt pelvic pressure and worried I might have made my cervix worse (sorry, tmi)
  5. Meeko barked a lot this weekend and still has his voice box (wish we could mute it without being too inhuman and pyscho)
  6. Someone stole our rummage sale sign at the entrance of our subdivision. (pricks)
  7. Ellie had a fever, threw up several times and was very lathargic on Sunday hence why she was totally fine around Nick's parents. She just didn't have energy to give a crap.
  8. Rushed Ellie to the doctor on Friday for a deer tick (HATE bugs, HATE)
  9. I'm a bad mom, goes with #8.
  10. My mom doesn't come back for another 2 weeks.
  11. I have a lot to get accomplished in our house before the baby comes and am freaking a little.
  12. I need a cleaning person.
# 8 on the bad things list was definitely the worst and it gets worse once I explain it. Thursday we took Ellie to Children's to see a dermatologist for her butt rash that was pretty much gone anyways. It took 2 weeks to get an appointment and by then, it cleared up. As I undressed her I saw a little scab on the back of her neck, no big deal. I was trying to calm her down because she was freaked out by all of the people in the room. (Children's is a teaching hospital; which is great, but intimidating even for Nick and I).
Friday during the rummage when there were dozens of crazy rummagers over, Wendi saw the "scab" on the back of Ellie's neck and took a closer look. NOT a scab. It was a deer tick. OMG. I almost died. We took her to the doctor's office in Sussex and the family practitioner actually took her right away. He pulled it out and gave us anti-biotics. This should prevent lymes disease. I will have her tested in a few months just in case. I don't know how she got this since she wasn't really around any wooded areas and doesn't roll around it the grass. I was so mad at myself for not paying more attention. I am so dumb and I couldn't believe we were at Children's and none of the 3 doctors or 2 nurses that were in the room caught it. I mean they were looking at her skin!!! ugh. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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  1. First of all, you are not a bad mom! Things happen to kids all of the time and you just have to take it as it comes. You did the right thing when you needed to and thats what makes you a great mom!