Monday, May 16, 2011

Things totally happen for a reason.

I was suppose to have a test done on Friday to see if I had any 'medical' signs of preterm labor. It's called the Fetal Fibronectin (FFN) test. They didn't have the 'kit' to do the test because it was in a new office, so I went today. This test is done between 24-34 weeks if you've had a premature baby (Ellie was almost 6 weeks early) or if you have other signs of preterm labor (contractions, pelvic pressure, etc.) It tests the 'glue' down there. This test should come back tomorrow and I'm hoping it's negative. If it's not it could mean that I could have the baby really, really soon. Like within 2 weeks :(

My OB also did an ultrasound and checked around to look at my cervix. I knew something was wrong because she was really, really concentrating and also printed out a bunch of copies from the ultrasound machine. Basically, I have a short cervix. At 24 weeks the 'normal' cervix is about 3.5 cm and mine is only at 2.7 which doesn't seem like a huge difference but it's also a small scale and it can change quickly.

I will be doing progesterone shots every week to help and have to take it easy. Bed rest might be something that we will talk about at my next appointment. I'll be having the FFN test and ultrasound test every 2 weeks until the baby comes.

I'm actually really glad that we couldn't do the test on Friday as I would have been worried all weekend and I probably would have told my mom and that might have prolonged her trip to Japan. She left on Saturday to go see her mom, who is really sick. My dad will be helping take care of Ellie. Ellie is going to learn so much! They'll probably play in the garden and get dirty, work on her new closet (she's a good assistant) and go to the park a lot. She is so lucky :)


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