Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some happenings...

I have some exciting news! Ellie has gone peepee on the toilet! She had just gotten done eating her popsicle and my mom put her on the toliet. I was feeding Jack on the couch and could see Ellie from where I was sitting.... all of a sudden I could hear her tinkle!! I was so surprise. My mom and I made a really big deal about it and Ellie seemed happy :)

Jack's belly button thing finally fell off! I know some people get sad about this, but I was happy. I think it's kind of gross and I'm happy I can give him a bath - a real bath.  He didn't seem to like it at first, but then he calmed down. He slept really good after his bath. I think I'll have to start doing them at night time, like we do with Ellie. Ellie still loves getting baths.

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  1. I discovered the night time bath trick too. Its an amazing way to get them to sleep through the night!