Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 month already!

I can't believe it's been over a month since Jack was born. It's been an exciting, but exhausting week. I think I've come out of the 'blurry' feeling and am now just a little crabby from the lack of sleep. We have definitely been spoiled with Ellie. She is the best sleeper ever, besides her dad and Meeko. She loves taking her nap and always grabs her blankey to go to bed. I hope Jack is the same way, once he gets a little older and sleeps through the night.  I've been making sure that Jack does A LOT of tummy time and let him sleep on his tummy when I'm right next to him. I'm a little paranoid about having to get him a doc band like Ellie had. I'm sure he'll be fine since we are aware of this and he isn't premature or have torticollis like Ellie.

Ellie has been enjoying Jack and is very sweet to him, except when she kicked him in the head or used his body as a pillow to sit up. She's 2, so she has no idea how fragile he is. Jack and Ellie are such different babies, probably because of their size difference. Ellie was 4.13 lbs and  Jack was 9.4 lbs! My body could really tell the difference too and recovering is much harder.

We visited Jack's pediatric dermatologist at Children's last week to discuss his birthmark. After Nick and I asked a million questions, we left the dr's office planning on doing his surgery when he is 6 months. I was hoping to do it this year, just to get it over with and because we've obviously met our deductible for this year. The doctor recommends this age because they put him under for the surgery and because his skin will be stronger, but still young enough for the scar to heal better. Basically they will be cutting through all 3 layers of the skin to cut out all of the cells. They also have to cut outside of the birthmark too. The incision will be cut like a football shape and then stiched in a line. He will have a scar, but hopefully it won't be too bad. The risk of melanoma cancer is higher, so I will be happy when it's gone. They also do a biopsy to make sure they got the outside cells of the birthmark.  We are still going to talk to the cosmetic surgeon to see what he recommends.

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