Tuesday, April 27, 2010


(Here's a picture of my mom, Ellie-cakes and Lucy)
I've been wanting to post, because I have some news! Ellie got her first tooth!! Last week Wednesday we noticed it. I didn't believe my mom at first, but when I felt it and then got a peak I was so excited! I would've liked to have gotten a picture of it, but every time I try to pry Ellie's mouth open, she sticks her little tongue out. I think this whole tooth thing is the reason why she's been acting funny. We (me and Wendi) also believe that there is a possible ghost or something in the laundry room where Ellie takes her baths. She keeps looking at the top of the door, but we have been able to distract her so she doesn't cry. It's weird!

We went to the therapist yesterday for Ellie's helmet and her head grew a half a centimeter! She had a growth spurt! Her flat spot has gotten so much better - it's amazing. We're half way threw with the helmet. She gets it off June 7th! I might be a little sad when she doesn't have to wear it, only because that means she getting older.

Stay tuned for a picture of Ellie's tooth....

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  1. Ellie is adorable, her little face is too cute! Congrats on the tooth. Cole's 1st just popped through yesterday. Getting a picture was tough, basically I pried his mouth open and stuck the zoom lense in there...still only got gums.