Thursday, April 29, 2010


It was hard to leave the house this morning. I was already running a little late and when I went to shut Ellie's door (so she wouldn't wake up from me getting ready), she was awake. I check on her every morning and she is usually sleeping, but this morning she was wide awake! I didn't have time to change her, let along feed her. I'm so grateful that she is such a happy baby in the morning and lucky that Nick can spend some time with her in the morning too. I usually don't have days where I dread going to work, probably because my mom is with Ellie all day. I'm SO lucky! Ellie is also starting to babble a lot more. A couple of months ago I would have said her first word was "hi", but now that I think about it, she really wasn't saying it. She says "baba, baba". Which is short for grandma in Japanese. hmmmm... wonder where she learned that! It's so cute:)

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago.
Ellie is wearing a pair of her babylegs which we love!
I bought them on Etsy.

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