Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So last night as I got Ellie ready for her bath, she was laughing and squirmy and so happy until.... her dad came in. She cried and cried! I think she was scared. Here she is naked squealing and laughing and kicking because she loooooooves bath time and then all of a sudden someone opens the door and interrupts. I don't think it mattered who it was, just that she was interrupted. I hope this is the case, although he came back 5 mintues later and she cried again (and I think he cried a little too). After her bath she was fine and Nick read her a story and gave her a bottle.

This picture is of Ellie a few weeks ago, just relaxing in the bath :)

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  1. oh no, i am shocked, the way those two were playing and loving each other when i was visiting i wouldn't have seen this coming. maybe he brought the ghost with him and she was actually mad about that?!!