Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was great, except Wendi was gone:( Her flight out of Aspen was cancelled Saturday night, so she missed Easter with us. I secretly hid a blue Easter basket for Nick and a pink for Ellie. Nick took Ellie around the house looking for the eggs and baskets. Of course we found 2 eggs the next day that I forgot about.

Here's a picture of Ellie in her Easter bunny hat, sans her helmet. The bunny hat wouldn't fit over it!

Her outfit is from Wendi and is SO soft and cute. Here's another picture of her cute birdie on her behind. She is really learning to get around.... not crawling yet, but any day now. Although she might walk first! Which may be the case, since she is very speedy in her walker. My dad installed the 'permanent', 'child-proof' (and adult) gate at the top of the lower level stairs. It's kind of hard to open, but I guess that is the idea. We'll see how long it lasts there before Nick or I break it!!

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