Monday, October 8, 2012

Milestone weekend

This little girl is the best. I think we finally broke through the potty thing. (knock on wood). On Friday, I decided "this is it, let's do it!" Everyone kept saying, don't push it if she isn't ready, so I haven't. This weekend I decided to push it. I know she's smart enough and capable. Parents are suppose to push their kids a little, right? I mean, I'm not as bad as Nick. He always says "Ellie's going to be a Thoracic Surgeon". Now, I think that's a lot of pressure if you ask me. LOL. So, I decided that Ellie was going to wear her Hello Kitty undies all weekend (except at night). She did so well, even going to BuyBuy Baby, grocery store, Costco she wore her "undies". I had back up clothes just in case, but didn't need to use them. She is even good at #2. I mean she went twice yesterday! Sorry if that is TMI, but I was so proud of her. She did have 2 accidents at home, but one was my fault because I couldn't get to her on time. She was locked out by the gate in the basement and I was changing Jack's poopy diaper. 

Going in public will be really interesting. Last week, I braved it and went to Target by myself with Ellie and Jack. I had to use the bathroom and brought the whole cart in the handicap stall with me. Ellie was very loud and says "Mama, poo-poo!?" I could have died. 

After her successful day yesterday, Wendi and I took her to Target and Kohl's. She got a Hello Kitty coloring book and some cute socks. I hope she continues this. Last night as I was getting Jack dressed after their bath, Ellie stands up in the tub and says "Mama, pee-pee!" I took her out set her on the toilet and she went! I couldn't believe she held it and told me she had to go. I mean, most adults pee in the shower, let's be real. I can't tell you how proud of her I am. So, so proud!!

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