Monday, October 15, 2012


Being in the hospital is tiring. That's where I've been since 7:15 this morning. My dad was here last Tuesday for his heart and heartburn, stayed the night and did a stress test the next morning. Everything came back ok. Today and for the last 3 days he has been dizzy, extremely tired, confused, slurred speech and not coordinated. We did not know about this because he kept it a secret. Lame. So they are testing for a possible stroke. We are waiting for an MRI yet today. The people at the Veteran's hospital are super nice and helpful, but everything takes sooo much time. Hopefully we will get some answers soon. In the meantime, this weekend was nice. We babysat Silas on Friday night and it went smoothly. Saturday night Nick and I went to our subdivision progressive party. It was nice to go out. Ellie is still doing so awesome with her potty training and we are proud of her. Jack is becoming so mobile. Walking and moving fast. I can't wait until Friday. I'm exhausted already. I need to buy a lottery ticket so I can win ;)

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  1. I hope your dad is feeling better soon! The lottery sounds like a great plan...get that ticket :)