Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend recap part 2

I forgot to mention that I went with Wendi and Nick to Powder Hill over the weekend. We each had a kid and climbed the hill and then the tower. Ellie was being a baby and wanted to be carried most of the time, probably because Jack and Silas were getting rides and we past a few dogs on the way up and she didn't like them. I'm not sure why she is scared of dogs. We have a dog and she always points at dogs when we are in the car or if she sees one on tv. It was such a nice day out and the leaves were awesome. I think the brightest and reddest I've ever seen. Ahhh, how I love Fall.

Nick has Jack on his back and Wendi has Silas on the front.

Me and Ellie with her crazy Hello Kitty hat.

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