Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My little monkey

Jack is definitely a boy. He is in and on everything. From going into the dryer, to launching himself off chairs, to pulling the screws out of the door frame. Now that Jack is walking, it's been a little crazy. I didn't have to 'baby' proof a lot with Ellie, but Jack is a whole different species. Luckily, the other day when I was cleaning up, I saw him throw his ball into the dryer and then dive right in. If he got in, I don't think he could get out. That very next day, I went and bought a baby proof dryer lock. He also loves to go into our bathroom and play around in the toilet. Gross! We now lock our door to our bedroom and the bathroom. He was not happy about that. Last night tipped it off. When I got home from work, my mom handed me a couple of screws and said the door was loose. The door from our house into our mudroom was falling off the frame. It's not a cheap door and it's super heavy, I can barely move it. Jack hangs and pulls on the door knob. He's been doing it for a couple of weeks now and I've tightened the screws, but yesterday he must have hung on it too long. We had to get longer, stronger screws and redo all of them. While Nick and I were doing this, Jack was taking items, like the remote, his shoes and anything else and throwing them through the gate downstairs. AAAAAAAAH! He's so cute about it though. He just looks at you and smiles and thinks it's so funny, which it is.

Here's a video of Jack walking and Ellie and I watching:

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