Wednesday, August 21, 2013


My c-section is scheduled for Monday, the 26th! It's at night, which is kinda nice but then I remembered that I won't be able to eat 12 hours before - UM. no, that's not happening. Hopefully I don't throw up in the OR. So, my Doc is on vacation now and I'll have another doctor. I hope she is a good surgeon.

I'm super excited and oh so nervous. The spinal shot was not so great with Jack and of course anyone that has surgery (especially a c-section) the recovery is brutal, not to mention all the drugs they pump into you. Oh and then you have to wake up a lot and take care of a newborn! When God created this scenario, I think something got twisted. I'm not a feminist at all, but men have it SO easy.

So! Wendi helped finish Jack's closet yesterday and I'm going to go to Target and hopefully get some cute baskets or bins. Toddler clothes is so little that you need an organizer of some sort. Also, last night Ellie's new preschool teacher came to our house. I guess they do that now? I didn't know. She's super nice. She is Korean and Ellie kept asking if she was Japanese. It was funny. When she left though, Ellie said she 'didn't like that kind.' She doesn't mean that she's Korean or anything, it just takes her time to get use to some people I think. I'm sure she'll do fine at school! I hope. I'm nervous though. She'll be going to preschool 3 - half days and then the other time her same daycare.

Friday my little Jack turns 2! We are having a small get together at Nick's parents house. She's doing all the cooking, which is SO nice for us. I couldn't do it now even if I tried. Bending over is getting almost impossible and I'm still sore from the weight and pressure of this big little girl. I bet she's at least 8.5 lbs now.  I can't wait to meet her : )

Some pics of the kids in their pjs. Ellie got some new ones and I finally talked her into wearing them! Jack looks up to Ellie so much. He would do anything for her.


  1. You guys sound busy! :) An early congratulations on the new baby girl; looking forward to seeing pictures. I hope it goes well for you and baby! Happy birthday to Jack!!

  2. Glad you're getting close to delivery day. Once you have that little girl and you're healed up, we'll have to get the kids together. Now we've each got 2 the same age. Good luck Monday!