Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I wasn't going to post until after the baby came, but I thought as I sit and get my toes painted I would throw a picture out there too. I'm not getting a full blown pedi because I have a big mosquito bite I scratched and the last thing I need is an infection! I got my eye brows waxed this morning too. Just some last minute maintenance items before baby #3 comes. After this I'm going to go home hang out with the kids and get my bag packed. 
I'm pretty nervous. More then I thought. I'm scared of the spinal shot, scared of the surgery and anxious to meet the new baby. I feel like its gone fast, but my body  is so ready. I'm extremely sore. My whole body just aches. Recovery is going to suck for awhile but at least my body will be on its way to heal. 

Ellie and Jack are excited. Ellie knows that the baby is coming from the hospital but I would love to know what she really thinks happens. It is hard to comprehend. 

Update to come soon!!


  1. I keep checking for a baby announcement! Enjoy the pampering today and good luck with the birth!

  2. I too am getting so excited for a picture, name, etc!!! I hope you and baby are doing great and it went well!!