Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I love and hate bedtime. I'm usually exhausted by this time, but I really want to play and act crazy like Ellie and Jack. They love rolling around in Ellie's room, ignoring Nick while he reads story after story. Neither of them really listen to the reading, but it's nice background noise. They just play and act goofy, it's a weird combination of tiredness and giggles. It's also really hot in Ellie's room because it's upstairs, maybe that is why they act all crazy. Ellie usually wants to go to bed, so when we say "okay get your blanket, turn on your light and music, give me a kiss and squeezer"... she listens! Never fighting, but sometimes asking for water a few times. She also needs her 2 Hello Kitty's (pink goes in bed and white goes on the chair), and her baby doll goes on her pillow. When she lays down, I lift her head up and make sure I 'fix' her hair - she likes it when I pull it out from under and pull it so it lays over her pillow. Night Night!!

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