Friday, July 27, 2012


This blog is mostly about Ellie and Jack and whatever other random thing I may want to talk about. I've never discussed my exercising or 'diet' (call it whatever you'd like), but thought I would today. Right after Jack was born, I was so exhausted (like most mothers) and just wasn't motivated to consistently work out or really be conscious of what I am eating. I'm really fortunate to work at a company that provides exercise classes and a gym with really nice equipment. We have everything from Boot Camp, Power Yoga, Spinning and Running classes. I thought I would have to do something before work, but realized quickly that getting up at 4:30 working out and then going to work downtown by 7 wasn't realistic. Working out after the kids go to bed isn't either, because by this time I'm exhausted too and just want to watch the Housewifes of somewhere or House Hunters. 

I started a new 'routine' in May and it's been going pretty well. So, my workout classes are during my lunch, usually at 11am or 1pm. I'm taking a Total Body Conditioning class on Mondays/Thursdays. This class is almost all cardio and tabatas for 45 minutes. Then I take an outdoor boot camp on Tuesdays. (SO hard) and a Turbo Kick (all cardio, with crazy turbo spurts built in) on Wednesdays. Fridays are my off days and the weekends are always busy with the kids and doing family things. During the week I try to be good and have cut out a lot of carbs, especially at dinner time. I usually do a basic lunch of turkey, apple, cottage cheese. At night I usually have Chicken or Tofu or a Protein shake. The weekends (including Friday) I am not so strict. I need to be able to enjoy life, so I've decided that the weekends are open :) I'm excited to say I've lost inches (wish I would have measured) and scale weight. I have a goal in my head, but it's mostly about how I feel and how my clothes fit.

Anyways... I was on Pinterest the other day and was browsing the humor section and found some pretty funny ones. These probably shouldn't be funny, but they are for me because they are so true (obviously I'm not a runner) and I love naps.
Thought I would share these....

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