Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th weekend

Having off 5 days in a row was heaven! We did everything from splashing in the kiddie pool, to shopping, parties, movie watching, eating, laughing, napping and trying to stay cool from the heat! It was a nice break from work that's for sure. I found this little kiddie pool w/ slide from Target and Ellie and Jack loved it! Jack started out in the little mini pool that is about 2 inches deep, but then he decided he wanted to go in to the 'big' pool where Ellie was having so much fun. He tried crawling into it a few times and then I decided to just plop him in. He was a little scared at first, but more shocked from the  ice cold water. Even though the temp outside was well over 100 degrees, the water stayed cool because it was in the shade. I bought a pop-up tent canopy and it made such a big difference. We are thinking about what we should do for some more shade and privacy on our lower level patio. I've been trying to get ideas on Pinterest of course, but I'm not sure if a pergola will do it. They look awesome, but I think we need something a little more solid that doesn't allow light to shine through.

We stayed in the house a bit on the 4th, just because it was so hot. I recently got new blinds for the lower level and they make such a big difference with the sun.

Ellie and Jack watching Kyle

Wendi and Nick

Patti, Kyle, John, Auntie Diane

Nick, Wendi, Jack, Mom and Dad

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