Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend recap

Jack can pull himself up and stand on his own! Look out world! This little trouble-maker is going to be walking any day. Looks like I will have to make sure the gate going upstairs is up and I think I might have to baby-proof some more cabinets and drawers. Ellie was curious, but not like the trouble-maker. He is in everything!

Saturday night I went out with my girls to Delafield Days to see the Lovemonkeys. It was a blast, even though we got rained on right after the show. I had so much fun, it was just what I needed!

Ellie is now in a 'toddler' bed. No more crib! Can you believe it. At least I did it before she turns 3, next Friday :) I put pillows next to her bed just in case she falls out. She did really good and didn't roll out. I was really surprised. I think she is going to love being able to go in and out of her bed whenever she wants.

We took the kids swimming at Nick's parent's house. Ellie LOVED it, Jack not so much.


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