Friday, September 7, 2012

Finally Friday!

When I hear the words Finally Friday, I always get a flash back to the country song that goes like "Finally Friday, I'm free again, got my motor running for a wild weekend!" remember that? George Straight sings it. It reminds me of being at my friend Kim's house in high school and getting excited for the weekend.

I've been ready for Friday all week and we even had off on Monday! It's been a long week of work and more work. I just started a new website that is scheduled to launch in February and all I can think about is Thanksgiving and Christmas! I'm getting the itch to go shopping for Christmas already, this is bad considering  September just started. My Thursday night class is going good. I have a good group of students and they all seem really excited and engaged in learning so I must be doing something right. Last night was pretty interesting as one of my students explained that he missed class last week because he was in jail for 2 nights and didn't have his phone or computer to contact me. Of course I looked him up on c-cap and sure enough he has an OWI, non-registered vehicle and even posted bail. I also think he was going through withdrawals last night, but he stayed and caught up on the assignments and did a decent job. 

Nick is taking an Anatomy class this semester to learn more for his job or maybe he'll go be a doctor or something. haha. It's only 2 nights a week, but we miss him when he's gone.

Next week, I will be starting my 4 day work week. I can not wait. My hopes and goals are to play with Ellie and Jack, organize things, deep clean things (cabinets, floors, areas that need a scrub down), try to potty train Ellie and maybe even get Ellie to start watching Disney movies. I know it's weird, but she just isn't into TV that much. Sometimes I wish she were and we could just watch it and veg out.

Happy Friday everyone!

Me and baby Silas.

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