Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm trying to enjoy this pregnancy since it most likely will be my last one. I wish it wasn't, but we've been pretty lucky that my pregnancies haven't been too hard. Doing shots and having to take the elevator are not as bad as they could be. I know some are on strict bed rest and have to really change their lifestyle while they are pregnant, but I don't think my body could take another one. The more c-sections you have the riskier it is too. It weakens your uterus, cervix, not to mention your whole abdomen. There is a huge difference between this one and the first pregnancy. I can definitely feel that my tummy is really stretched! My doctor has been talking to me about getting my tubes tied. I'm probably not going to do that as it's so permanent and I think someone needs to come up with birth control for men. Like something they get put into their bodies or medicine that they have to take every day that might make them crazy. At least something that can tone down their drive, if you know what I mean. Where are all the female scientists and doctors? Come on.

I'm now 32 weeks. 

My blood has increased by 40-50%! I'm right on schedule as far as size and can't believe that the baby and I will gain more weight. Yuk. I'm not so much looking forward to the after pregnancy body as I know it will be really hard to loose it this time. It's my 3rd, I'm older, stretched out and just plain tired.

The heartburn has gotten worse, but I still keep eating those spicy tacos and late night snacks of peaches and   any other fruit we have in the house. I'm a little addicted to fruit, but it's better than cookies I guess. Don't get me wrong, ice cream is still at the top of my cravings list.

My tentative c-section is scheduled for Aug 27, but that means my doctor won't do the surgery as she'll be on vacation. I'm hoping I will go and she can schedule me for the week before that, but I don't want to go too soon either if no one is ready :) That will put me at 39 weeks.

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