Monday, July 8, 2013

Update and pictures!

It's been too long since I updated this blog of mine. I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures over the last couple of weeks. It's easier to just look at pictures! :)

Ellie and I at the Hartland Fireworks.
Kim came and picked us up!

Ellie enjoying the slides before the Fireworks started.

Yes, the below picture is of Jack wearing a bright pink Hello Kitty top. Judge all you want, but it was the only thing I had for him to wear and I didn't want him to get burned. HAHA. I felt bad but we weren't there long and he didn't care :) Clearly, he loves it. This is at the splash pad in Jackson. Hartland just opened one and I'm super pumped to take them there, but we haven't had the chance yet!

Happy Birthday to my MOM!

Below are just some shots of Nick and the kids playing on the playset. They really still love playing on it. I'm so glad we got it. When I look at these pictures I realize how fast time is going by and am sad. I love this age for Jack. Ellie is still kind of hard and sassy, but Jack is the sweetest little boy ever. 

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