Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend recap

Friday night we went to Delafield Days. I wasn't sure how the kids would be or how long they would last, but we decided to take them anyways. The Lovemonkeys were playing and they had a wide range of food, including ice cream.  Not only were the kids really good, they lasted until almost 11pm! Ellie LOVES music and she loves to people watch, so it was a great combination. Jack was hesitant from the loud noises and people, but was fine after awhile. We took some chairs and hung out and danced and ate. Kim, Amy, Wendi, Nick and Silas came too. I wish I could have lasted and stayed, like last year, but there is no way with this baby! Next year, we'll have a great time :) Below are a bunch of pictures from the night.

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