Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nesting or shopping addiction?

I've been thinking about things I need to get for the new baby. I feel like I have everything, but then I'm like... um I need diapers, clothes (I have nothing for him, except a 2T REI vest), another baby monitor, stroller, crib sheets, blankets (most of the ones I have are girly) and the list goes on....

I saw this new blanket style and LOVE it. And why the heck didn't I think of it? Ellie still uses a sleep blanket sack thingy. This one is so cool, because you can change their diaper without disturbing too much. Because if you check on them in the middle of the night and smell something, you can't just go to bed and pretend you didn't smell anything... you have to change them. right?

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