Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well.... I finally found the fabric for the baby's room. I know it's not babyish or boyish, but I think it will work. This was one of Nick's favorites too, until the lady was figuring out the measurements and that we needed 10 yards. Unfortunately Nick is pretty good at math, so he knew how much it was pretty quickly. That's when he wanted to see what else there was, since the fabric we chose was basically the only one that was not 40% off. So, I let him browse some more and then I said that we'd just have to go to another store. That closed the deal and we got the fabric. This goes so well with the color of the walls in the room, which are a dark indigo blue.  I think if we decide to turn the room back into an office someday, we can even keep this up. Now I'm off to find some cute prints on Etsy. :)

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  1. I LOVE this fabric, and it will go so well with the wall color! I know you would have to wait to order something like this until after the baby is born, but these are SO cute: I got the duck one for Nora and the chick one for Vivian. Then I just got the matted frames at Target. I'm sure you could easily do it yourself, too. I was just too lazy after Vivian was born... I can't wait to see what you get!