Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I know everyone is excited about this warm weather and I would totally be too, if I didn't have a built in heater on the front of my body and if my feet and hands didn't swell like sausages!!  I'm just very grateful for air conditioning.

This weekend was awesome.  Friday I went to see my friend Amy's new house. She moved to Erin into this cute forest setting home. The big shady trees are awesome and it's so private. She still has a lot she wants to change and decorate, but I can't wait until she is done.

We had a graduation party on Saturday for our neighbor girl across the street. Ellie had so much fun running around and loved being outside. After about 3 hours of sun, I could tell she was ready to go. She had really rosie cheeks and threw her glasses off several times. When she throws her glasses, we know she is NOT happy. It's pretty dramatic. After eating dinner and napping Nick and I went back over there to hang out. I wasn't going to stay, but the baby monitor reached and had great reception, so I hung out with all the drinkers, while Ellie slept in her crib. Video monitors are the best invention. I'm on the look out for another one, since I will still want one on Ellie and the baby.
Sunday was awesome, because we went over to visit my parents. Ellie hasn't seen my mom in 3 weeks and she really missed her. We hung out awhile and of course I fell asleep on the couch. Then we went to Stein's and bought some flowers for our empty flower pots. We ended the day with ice cream with Wendi and (bf) Nick* and then a movie before bed time.

Here are some pictures of Nick and Ellie hanging out on the swing set at our neighbors... which by the way we are going to buy from them and put in our backyard.  Yah!

*(bf) = wendi's boyfriend.

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