Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back to work

One more day and I'm back to work. It's pretty bittersweet as I have enjoyed my time home with Ellie and Jack. Since Ellie is in daycare twice a week, it will help with watching Jack too. Although he is such an easy, mellow baby and is always happy. I'm really lucky that my mom is taking care of them and it keeps her mind going and young. She does spoil them a lot, but that is okay :) I think I saved enough days to take off over Christmas and of course will have off for Thanksgiving, that time will be here before I know it! I get a ton of vacation days starting in January, so I'll be able to take off whenever I feel like it or if my mom just needs a break. Here's a video of Ellie and Jack. I will cherish these moments forever and am so glad I take these videos.

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