Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Jack is 3 months today! It's crazy that he's been here only 3 months, because I feel like it's been a lot longer.
Jack is a pretty happy baby. He loves baths like Ellie too. I've been skipping baths every other night, because Jack's skin seems a little irritated and dry lately. Aquaphor usually helps, but there is a lot of dryness in the house even with the humidifiers running. Jack has his surgery in 2 weeks and I'm getting anxious. I'm glad we are getting the birthmark removed, but I'm kind of getting use to it. It will be weird when it's gone, but a relief knowing those cells are not there anymore to grow. I think it's also gotten bigger as we knew it would. Jack is getting so big and is kind of a chunker. I just bumped him up to 6-9 months pj's and he's only 3 months!

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