Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dentist and eye doc week!

It's been a busy week! Monday after work I took Ellie to my dentist cleaning. She sat on my lap almost the whole time, sometimes laying on my chest so she could peek in my mouth to see what they were doing. We were there almost an hour and she was such a good girl. She got really excited when she could pick out her own toothbrush! I will probably take her to her own appointment this summer. The hygienist said that sometimes they just poke around and count their teeth or if they can they try to use the brush to clean. I've been pretty good about brushing Ellie's teeth at night - haven't done it in the morning though. She kind of knows how to do it, but needs help. She still just likes to eat the toothpaste and she doesn't get spitting yet, but I guess at that age, they don't.

Wednesday we went to Ellie's eye doctor. This was her yearly check up so they dialated her eyes. Everything is looking good and she doesn't have the crossing at all when she has her glasses on, so we don't need to try patching again. yay! Her prescription went up a tad bit, so we went to the optical to order new glasses. This time I'm getting her purple ones and transitions (they will get darker when the sun is on them). She's pretty sensitive to sun light and I want to protect her eyes. Ellie was not shy while picking out her glasses. This was a new side to her! She was acting kind of crazy.


Waiting for the dialation drops to kick in.

Picking out glasses!

I think these are too big.

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  1. I can't believe how big she is getting! Excited to see the new glasses. :)