Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ellie's blanket

Last week, my mom accidently took Ellie's blanket home with her because it was left in her car. I realized when Ellie led me into the laundry room and pointed to the dryer and then the washer. I think she thought it was being washed. My mom offered to drive over and drop it off but I told her we'd figure it out. I explained to Ellie a couple times before bath time that Ba-ba had her blanket and that she could use Jack's or pick out a different one. It seemed like she understood, but I was kind of freaking out a little.

After her bath she wanted to go to bed and started to go up the stairs. She was pointing to Jack's blanket and I told her she could use that one. She went and got it and up we went. When I put her in bed and gave her the blanket, she didn't want it, so I took it out. We went back and forth with this about 4 times, when I finally was really stern about it and told her that she had to use this blanket because hers was with Ba-ba. She was such a brave little girl and was actually okay without her blanket for one night. (Although she did insist on having her 'blue' and a blue plastic easter egg.)

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