Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I can't believe the wedding is over already. Before we know it the baby will be here too! Wendi and Nick did such a great job planning the wedding. Everything turned out perfect. The day started out very low key. Ellie stayed in her pajamas all morning (I thought that this would make it easier to put her dress on later). My mom and I picked up Wendi for our hair and make-up appointments at 1pm. My dad also met us there as he was getting his haircut! Yup, the long hair pony tail is gone! We were a little behind schedule because my hair stylist took forever. We rushed back to my house for pictures at 3:30pm. Below are pictures that my dad took during the 'before' pictures. As you can see, Ellie is wearing her dress, but no glasses. It was either the dress or the glasses, so we chose the dress :)  Jack was such a good boy too.

Below are pictures of the reception that my dad took. The photographers got some really good shots, but we've only gotten a handful of previews back. I will try to post some of those soon. Ellie was a new "Ellie". She was not shy and she danced until she couldn't keep her eyes open. I finally had to drag her off the dance floor around 11:30 so she could go home. I think she might be a new Lovemonkey groupie. I knew she loved music, but I never thought she would be this out going and crazy! It was so fun to see her jump around and 'people watch'. She will fit in at Summerfest just perfect. lol. Jack was his usual self. He didn't mind going with strangers and was really enjoying Rani and Darren. Maybe they'll want another baby. haha. I hope I have a close up of his shirt. It was the cutest shirt I've ever seen. It had a fake gray and white chevron tie with a cute little alligator and little blue birdie. His vest and pants were a little snug, but what do you expect when you buy clothes a month in advance and he gains 3 lbs a week!? The kid is an eater! A couple more pounds and he will be the same as Ellie.

It was such a great day. I can't wait to post the pictures from the photographer.

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