Monday, April 9, 2012

Ellie goes Easter egg hunting and Jack's first Easter

It was a great weekend! Nick and I decided that we should probably go to church since it's sadly been a really, really, really long time. Our church has the 'traditional' church and then also a 'casual' church. The casual one is in the gym and they have a band and do a lot of singing. It's actually pretty cool. It's also pretty cool that if your kid screams and goes crazy, the adults don't have to feel too bad. Ellie and Jack were really good! Ellie doesn't really know how to talk quietly, but I'm not sure if a 2 year old should? lol! She kept wanting to talk to Jack, it was kind of funny. After church we headed to a local restaurant in Delafield and then back to our house for some Easter egg hunting and fun!

Ellie finds her basket.

Ellie looks for eggs!

Found one!

Daddy and Jack

Mama and Jack

Wendi and Nick

Trying to get a decent shot.


This one will have to do!

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