Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another one hits the dust...

So, the Rover is gone. It was time to get something less 'flashy'. Too many pull overs and worrying about having to fix it if something were to happen. It was a 2006, so it was a good car while it lasted. I've been telling Nick that we should get rid if it for months now and last week, out of the blue he agreed. I literally put it on craigslist around 10pm, decided I should also add it to Chicago's craiglist and posted that after 11. We got a call at 12:30am, in the middle of the night from someone that wanted to see the car the next day. Guess what, we sold it! That is definitely a record for me. I have now managed to sell 3 of Nick's cars. Remember last year? We got rid of it so quickly, Nick doesn't even know what kind of car he wants. I definitely want the necessities - heated seats, leather, 3 rows. LOL. Nothing is jumping out at us, but we probably should figure it out soon. In the mean time, he's been driving his brother's extra SUV.

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