Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm sure many of your hearts were heavy with the sad news of those beautiful children at that school. The news was almost overbearing, but I can't even imagine what those families are going through. There was no way to escape the tv and even being at work today it's hard not to look on news sites to see if there are any updates. We'll carry on, like anything, but we'll never forget. I normally don't comment on issues going on in the real world, just because I want this blog to be a happy place, but the sorrow I feel for those affected in Newtown is just unthinkable.  

Ellie and I at lunch. She is such a people watcher,
Wonder where she gets that?
On Friday, I woke up excited to go to my neighbors for a NYR Organic skin care product and then to get a little more shopping done that I didn't finish the day before. Around noon, I was walking home I glanced at my email and saw something about a shooting. I honestly didn't think too much of it and ran in the house to get Ellie to go shopping. As we drove to Steinmart and JoAnn Fabrics in Brookfield I heard what had happened on the radio. Ellie had a meltdown in the parking lot, but I seriously didn't care. I was just glad we were together. After the meltdown we headed to Brookfield Square for some lunch and some more shopping. Ellie was so great and so fun to be around. I think sometimes she just has to get a meltdown out of her system. My heart breaks for those families. I've always hated guns and still believe that easy access to guns is the problem. I believe that there is no reason to have them in our homes. There is a higher percentage that an accident will happen than someone breaking in your house. I know if someone really wants a gun they will get one, but if we make it really difficult maybe they'll give up. I don't know. There are almost no answers. This school had a procedure in place and had high end security measures, but you can't stop a gunman, unless you have a gun. This is how I've been going back and forth with this in my head. I can equally justify both sides and yet neither solution is 100%. Such heartache.

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