Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Cards

My Christmas cards are out! I got my act together early this year and sent them last week. I actually had them before Thanksgiving, but procrastinated with the stamps. I was able to get them out early this year because I used photos from the summer. Ellie and Jack look pretty much the same from the summer, so I thought it would be okay to use these :) I ordered them through Shutterfly. They are really basic and I did a non-traditional Christmas color to go with our outfits. I don't love them, but they do what they need to. Next year, I hope to do something different, something creative and spectacular. Haha. We'll see!


  1. I like the little surprise of Meeko on the back. Thanks for your comments about terrible 3 year olds - fingers crossed it is a phase!

    1. I believe it's a phase. If I didn't I would go crazier than I already am!

  2. Love your Christmas card! So pretty.