Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do you know?

Do you recognize this symbol? Me either. I mean it looks familiar to me, but I wasn't sure. Well, my 3 year old knows! She says "Malmart" aka. Walmart. And we don't even go there that much!

Ellie likes to play with my phone and I let her because 'Why NOT?' She knows how to 'turn' the pages and look through my pictures. One day she was looking at Facebook because I had it up and she points and says "Malmart". I was like, yah that is Walmart! I knew because it says Walmart, but she knew because she knew the logo. Below is what she was showing me. I was shocked!

It's amazing what kids know. Ellie knows all of our family brand cars. If she sees the car logo, she knows that's the same as my mom's car, Wendi's, or mine, etc. If it's a different color car, but same brand, she'll tell you. She knows Costco and of course McDonald's. She even knows the entrance to a subdivision where I dropped off something months ago at someone's house once. ONCE! Every time we pass it, she tells me. "Mama, that house".

Here's another sweet picture that Ellie took with my phone. The flash was kind of bright I think :)

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