Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm still here!

Monkey is attached.
Waiting to board the airplane. 
Waiting to take off.

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in over 2 weeks! I've been busy. Really busy with work. I'm actually working today because I have to meet deadlines. So, you may be wondering how our Arizona trip was? Well, all I can say is I learned a lot and I'll never do it again. Traveling with a 3 year old and 1 year old is hard, nearly impossible. I wish I would have given them something to make them sleepy or drugs to make me calm. I sweated. A lot. It was intense. You want details, don't you?

Here's how it started. Saturday, we woke up, packed and got ready. Ellie and Jack even napped during the day before we left. It was exciting getting to the airport and making our way to the gate. We had a really light lunch before we boarded, went to the bathroom a ton and happily got on. They don't pre-board families or kids anymore. That's okay though, because I would rather get on last then first and sit and watch everyone get on. Less time for the kids to be in their seats the better. We strapped both Ellie and Jack in the middle seat between Nick and I. It was going great until the flight attendant told us that it was against the law to have them in the same seat, but it was okay until we landed. Phew. I thought there was going to be a breakout! Well, 10 minutes later the flight attendant jerk from first class, told us that we had to take Jack out. He basically yelled at us and told us it was against the rules! So, we took Jack out and from then on, the 4 hour flight was sucky. I was so relieved when we landed and couldn't wait to get to Nick's parent's house. We did a lot of fun things, like go to Goldfield Mine, the Phoenix zoo, shop, eat and play. Despite the poor sleeping nights that Jack and Ellie had, Nick and I managed to see three movies! Lincoln was good, at least the 15 minutes I saw. I fell asleep. I was just so exhausted. We also saw Flight w/ Denzel Washington and Skyfall (the 007 movie). The weather was so perfect. Mid 80's all week, but it feels like 70's because it's so dry. The plane ride home, was the worst. Ellie was a terror and should probably be put on the terrorist list and not be allowed to travel on airplanes. I'm kinda being serious. Jack was whiney and irritable. He did manage to take a sweaty, uncomfortable nap in my arms though. It was a great nap, until they flashed the lights on the plane for about 20 minutes, even though we had another 40 minutes before we landed. I hate those lights and I forgot Jack's eye pillow. Ugh.
After the flight, on the way to Nick's parents.

Overall, we had a great trip, but it was nice to get home, get Jack and Ellie back into their normal sleeping routine and sleep in my own bed. My bed is my favorite thing. I just love it.

The flight home.

I will post some pictures of our trip soon!

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