Thursday, November 1, 2012

October is over!

Even though I LOVE October, I am SO glad it's over. We ended October and Halloween night with a trip to the ER. This is the third time I've been to an ER this month, this time for Jack. Last night we went over to our new neighbors house for chili, corn bread and cookies. It was so nice, until Jack got his two fingers stuck in the door as Ellie cranked on it. She knew she wasn't suppose to be playing with the door, but didn't realize Jack's little fingers were stuck. He didn't cry right away, because I think it hurt so bad it took his breathe away. They looked really, really bad. Inside, I was panicking and Nick was panicking outside. LOL. Someone had to keep it cool and I was the chosen adult. Next time, I'll freak out and he can be the calm one. Since Nick has been taking an anatomy class, he is learning a lot about the human body and how strong it is, but at the same time, how little accidents can really do some damage.

Luckily one of our neighbor's friends is a pediatric surgeon and Children's (how convenient, huh?)  She checked him out and recommended X-rays. I'm glad she was there, because once we got home and we looked at it, I could have easily been convinced that it was fine since he wasn't screaming anymore. So, off we went to the ER. Wendi and Nick were over (thank god) so they watched Ellie until my mom came back. We weren't there too long, just under 2 hours. They checked us in, looked at Jack, gave him some pain medicine and did the X-rays. The X-rays were the worst part of it. We had to hold Jack's hand still for several different angles and he wasn't happy. We even had to tape his little hand to the table. It turns out he has an avulsion fracture on his ring finger. His little pinky was ok. It is his right dominant hand, but he seems to be moving it okay. No surgery or anything needed, it just has to heal. The fracture is in a place where you don't need to reset it or anything.

Jack wore his Dragon costume to the ER, which was pretty funny since he looked so cute. He wasn't happy when we had to put the purple gown on though and he really, really disliked the ankle bracelet they put on him too. I think next time, I might just have them put it on his arm. He kept grabbing it and would start crying. It was kind of cute. Once we got home and he got some milk in his tummy, he was really happy and went right to sleep.

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  1. Poor guy! The ER is the worst, glad Jack is feeling better!